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Unveiling $AU Tokenomics: A Guide to Aurelius’ Financial Structure


We’re raising an army on the Mantle Network. As an integral OATH Chapter, $AU’s tokenomics are designed to foster long-term growth while supporting the expansive OATH ecosystem by creating a sustainable financial model that fairly rewards participants.

Our platform provides leverage and utility for borrowers on the Mantle network while generating sustainable yields for its stablecoin ($aUSD) users, and the $AU token is at the heart of the design, serving as our performance capture mechanism.

The tokenomics of $AU are meticulously planned, emphasizing a commitment to sustainable development and strategic growth and are designed to channel the platform’s fees back to $AU stakers, fostering a balanced and thriving ecosystem. Here is a deep dive into the economic model behind $AU, providing clarity on its distribution and strategic utility.

Total Supply: 100,000 $AU

AU tokens will be emitted following a minimum viable issuance principle. Traditional emissions curves bind protocols to undesirable inflation schedules and inhibit the ability for protocols to adapt to changing market forces. The minimum viable issuance principle means that the Aurelius team will strategically and deliberately deploy incentives only when it makes sense to do so.

Bonded AU

Bonded AU (bAU), the LP version of AU, provides access to DEX swap fees and earns yield from aUSD loan issuance fees and redemption rewards.

$AU tokenomics emphasize a commitment to sustainable development and strategic growth.

Airdrop: 5% of Total Supply

A portion of the $AU supply is allocated for airdrops, constituting 5% of the total. These tokens are set to be distributed over a six-month period to participants based on their performance in the points program, fostering early user engagement and loyalty to the protocol.

bOATH Emissions: 10% of Total Supply

In alignment with the OATH Chapters franchising initiative, 10% of $AU tokens are designated for emissions to bonded OATH (bOATH) stakers on Ethos Reserve. These are distributed over six months to stakeholders of bonded OATH tokens, reinforcing the symbiotic relationship between Aurelius and the broader OATH ecosystem.

Protocol Owned Liquidity: 5% of Total Supply

To ensure the protocol’s resilience and self-sufficiency, 5% of the tokens are earmarked for protocol-owned liquidity. These auxiliary tokens play a crucial role in bootstrapping liquidity pools on-chain, facilitating seamless transactions within the ecosystem.

Launchpad: 10% of Total Supply

An allotment of 10% of the supply is reserved for the public launch of the Aurelius token. The envisioned launch strategy involves a dutch auction LBP (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool) through Fjord Foundry on Ethereum, although the platform choice may vary depending on the prevailing market dynamics at the time of launch.

Strategic Partnerships: 8% of Total Supply

Understanding the importance of marketing, market-making, and service collaborations, 8% of the $AU supply is allocated for strategic partnerships. These partnerships are pivotal in enhancing the protocol’s market presence and operational capabilities.

Team: 12% of Total Supply

To acknowledge the efforts of the founding team and ensure the protocol’s sustained growth, 12% of the tokens are allocated to the project’s umbrella company for cold storage. Initially, a portion of these tokens will support the engagement of key opinion leaders (KOLs) or ambassadors, while the remainder will bolster liquidity, incentivize contributors, issue grants, or support staking activities.

Incentives: 50% of Total Supply

Incentives will be emitted slowly and strategically to enhance user experience.

For example, incentivizing borrow-side markets in the Aurelius lending platform to increase utilization, Stability Pool emissions to reward $aUSD providers for the Aurelius CDP Stability Pool, or to incentivize liquidity pools to enhance liquidity and trader experiences.

The $AU tokenomics model balances immediate utility with long-term vision.


It should be noted that $AU tokenomics as outlined are subject to adjustments based on stakeholder and market response. This flexibility ensures that the protocol can adapt to changing market conditions and community expectations, maintaining relevance and competitiveness. The team will always strive to transparently communicate changes promptly.

We have carefully constructed the $AU tokenomics model to balance immediate utility with long-term vision. We are committed to updating and refining the tokenomics model as we respond to dynamics of the market. This flexibility is crucial for us to achieve our vision of a sustainable and secure DeFi product that will stand the test of time.

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