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Charting a New Course in Mantle’s DeFi Ecosystem


A Fusion of Ancient Strategy and Modern DeFi on the Mantle Network

Citizens of the digital expanse, a new era beckons with the unveiling of Aurelius, a DeFi platform set to redefine the Mantle Network’s financial strata. Drawing inspiration from the strategic acumen of Rome’s finest minds and the pioneering spirit of MakerDAO, Aurelius is poised to deploy the Ethos Reserve V2 codebase, bestowing upon our users the power of the $AUSD stablecoin and access to the Granary Finance lending market.

Aurelius: Elevating Mantle’s DeFi Sphere with $aUSD

Aurelius stands not merely as a marketplace but as a testament to our commitment to optimizing the DeFi experience. Through $aUSD and our partnership with Granary Finance, we aim to enhance liquidity and facilitate smoother financial transactions.

Our revenue streams, fortified by minting and borrowing fees, along with the strategic sale of $xAU option tokens, are architected to sustain and grow our platform. With the support of a substantial grant from the Mantle Network and the guidance of the OATH Foundation, Aurelius is set to be a paragon in the DeFi space.

Aurelius and Ramses teams have created a coalition for the Mantle DeFi ecosystem: Cleopatra DEX.

The Alliance of Titans: Forging a Future Together

In the spirit of the great alliances of old, Aurelius has forged a strategic partnership with the Ramses team, through the platform of Cleopatra DEX. This coalition ensures that $aUSD will become integral to liquidity strategies, promoting a robust DeFi environment that benefits all stakeholders. Our united efforts are a pledge to the advancement and prosperity of Mantle’s DeFi community.

The Ledger of Aurelius: Balancing the Scales of Tokenomics

Aurelius introduces a financial structure that reflects our dedication to community prosperity. Our tokenomics are designed to channel the wealth of the platform back to the $AU stakers, fostering a balanced and thriving ecosystem. We present a dual approach to token emission, rewarding the commitment of our early supporters while encouraging long-term engagement across the Mantle Network.

Aurelius: Tokenomics designed for longevity. Currently ideation only.

Navigating the New Frontier: Aurelius’s Vision and Prudence

Guided by the experienced hands of the OATH Foundation developers, Aurelius embraces the challenges and potential of a nascent DeFi landscape. We recognize the uncertainties of pioneering this new digital terrain, but our resolve is steadfast in delivering a lending platform that responds to genuine market demand and user needs.

Aurelius, guided by the OATH Foundation, is building DeFi intended to stand the test of time.

A Call to the Forum: Join the Aurelius Odyssey

The journey of Aurelius is a collaborative pursuit, one where every voice can contribute to the evolution of a transparent, efficient, and community-oriented DeFi experience.

Whether you are stepping into the DeFi arena for the first time or you are a veteran of financial innovation, your insights and participation are invaluable.

Venture Forth with Aurelius

As we prepare to launch Aurelius into the Mantle Network, we extend an invitation to join us in a venture where DeFi lending, borrowing, and CDP management are not just accessible, but also part of a larger vision to shape the future of finance.

Aurelius is more than a platform—it is a commitment to a new chapter in DeFi’s storied history.