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Introducing Aurelius: DeFi Lending on Mantle

With the recent announcement of OATH Chapters, there has been speculation surrounding what the first iteration may look like. In this article, we’ll explore the details of Aurelius – a novel CDP protocol that will represent the first Chapter of this new OATH Ecosystem.

Aurelius: A Crucial Turning Point in the OATH Ecosystem


Since May, before OATH Chapters had a name or a mission, our team has been working on creating a novel new growth strategy for the Ethos Reserve protocol. Understanding that no CDP platform is a one-size fits all solution, our goal was to craft bespoke stablecoin protocols to suit individual network needs. Throughout this process, we’ve built strong relationships with many fabulous teams and worked hard to develop a product that will perfectly showcase the power of Ethos Reserve in its first cross-chain deployment. Aurelius will feature ecosystem partners like Cleo and Yearn along with a cast of amazing partners including Gravita and the Liquity community.

What is Aurelius?

Aurelius is a lending platform coming soon to the Mantle Network focused on reducing the cost of capital for DeFi borrowers. Through Aurelius, users can do a number of things:

  • Borrow $AUSD interest-free with their favorite assets
  • Borrow assets like USDC, USDT, ETH, and MNT
  • Stake $AU to earn Real Yield
  • Earn $xAU for borrowing or providing AUSD liquidity

Aurelius packages the power of synthetic debt instruments and money markets into a simple and elegant solution; solving the weaknesses of each, granting a significantly lower cost of capital to the protocol, and retaining immense utility for users.

Aurelius is the first OATH Chapter, leveraging Ethos Reserves' tech stack.

Aurelius is an all-in-one platform capable of providing leverage and utility for borrowers on Mantle and generating sustainable, real yields for its users. This is achieved using the Ethos Reserve protocol and a fully-integrated lending platform underlying, and leverages the increased capital-efficiency of stablecoins alongside the earning power of DeFi lending markets.

The result is a more predictable, immutable platform with a ton of utility for users and sources of yield for stakers. Combined with our collaborative approach to development and launch, our team believes Aurelius will provide a powerful showcase for the flexibility and power of the Ethos Reserve system.

Why Mantle?

For the first OATH Chapter, our team was motivated to plant the seeds of growth on an up-and-coming blockchain. Early on in our conversations with the Mantle team, we were very impressed by their knowledge of the DeFi landscape and problems that teams and users are facing every day. Additionally, our team is impressed with Mantle’s high conviction bet on DeFi and L2 networks, and believe their long history and significant capitalization will translate into a sustainable growth of the Mantle network and technology stack. We believe that establishing Aurelius on Mantle will allow our protocol to become a staple of their DeFi ecosystem for years to come. As a grant recipient and ecosystem partner, we are especially excited to join their team at the foot of this new growth curve to begin a new Chapter of the OATH journey.

What is Cleo?

Our team isn’t coming to Mantle alone, and are working with our friends at Ramses to found a sister protocol on the network called Cleo. Cleo is a concentrated-liquidity DEX optimized for L2 networks and automated liquidity managers.

Aurelius and Ramses are launching Cleo: a sister protocol on the Mantle network.

Cleo takes concentrated liquidity management to the next level, optimizing for high frequency LP and Layer 2 cost structures. The result is a hyper-efficient liquidity layer, designed to attract the most effective providers while delivering a clean and simply UX for traders.

Aurelius’ tokenomics will revolve around building deep liquidity on Cleo for AUSD and stAUSD, and supporting adoption of the Cleo platform. AUSD-powered launch mechanisms, bribe matching, and other joint efforts will help us build a strong presence on Mantle while the network grows.

What is AU?

AU is the Aurelius staking token, and is designed to reward users with protocol revenues from borrowing, AUSD minting, and exercised options (xAU). Users can expect tokenomics similar to those described in Part 3 of our Tokenomics Series, and will be able to choose between exercising xAU for discounted AU or by locking received AU in a weighted liquidity pool.

Aurelius: Tokenomics and emissions overview. Currently ideation only.

AU tokens will be emitted indefinitely with a monthly rate of decay of 8.8%, beginning with 8.8% of the incentive supply. Launch will be managed in an IDO-style format using 10% of the token supply on the CLEO platform, and remaining liquidity will be maintained by stakers. The purpose of Aurelius’ tokenomics is to create a true community-owned platform on Mantle that can offer competitive services to network participants indefinitely. Our team is working with stablecoin funds and Mantle stakeholders to make the launch of Aurelius as successful as possible, and look forward to a successful launch with you!