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Introducing the Aurelius Salt Wars


Legion of Aurelius! The Aurelius Salt Conquest is entering it’s final stages and the launch of our $AU token is at hand. Read on to get some Aurelius strategic insights and learn about the newest addition to the Salt campaign.

10x Everything

We’re doing one final campaign before AU token distribution which will introduce some adjustments to the current Salt balances. Once the campaign is live, every action you’ve taken so far, and every action you take from now on will be rewarded tenfold. We are making this change to allow for the introduction of a new Salt acquisition method.

Drum roll please intern.

You can now earn Salt for swaps.

For every 1 aUSD traded on KyberSwap’s swap aggregation tool, you will earn 1 Salt. Aurelius hopes these changes make aUSD more exciting to exchange as we get ready to finalize the Salt ranks. Since its debut, Salt has allowed Aurelius to take a measure of those who have generated the most value, resulting in a peak TVL increase of 6.5x.

TVL has reached a peak increase of 6.5x since the start of the Aurelius Salt Conquest.

Salt Actions

New – Salt for aUSD Swaps on KyberSwap

For every 1 aUSD traded on KyberSwap, you’ll earn 1 Salt. This new feature allows you to earn Salt through trading, adding another layer to your strategic efforts, plan accordingly.

Example: If you swap 100 aUSD on KyberSwap, you will earn 100 Salt.

New – 10x Multiplier

For the rest of the campaign, every Salt you earn will be magnified ten times. Your deeds on the battlefield will now bring even greater glory.

Flat Distribution

Every citizen receives a fair share of Salt for their action taken, ensuring that all have the chance to rise through the ranks.

Salt per $100 per 24 Hours

Maintain your positions, and for every $100 in a position, you’ll earn Salt every 24 hours. With the 10x multiplier, your rewards will surge. View the table below for a the latest update, or re-visit the original actions and multiply Salt by 10.

10x everything and harness Swaps to climb the leaderboard.

The clock is ticking

We have a lot to grateful for, starting with you. This growth trajectory leaves us inspired and we are proud to share these upcoming protocol modules and integrations;

  • A new application interface for Aurelius will be deployed bringing enhanced performance and alignment to other
    applications. This will allow Aurelius to entirely inherit the same developments.
  • We’re putting final touches on our PID-enhanced CDP module, which will allow new aUSD markets for mETH, cmETH, USDY and other LRT & LST tokens to mint aUSD with an unlimited cap*. Read our research paper to learn how.
  • Loop & un-loop up to 5x on the Aurelius Lend module.
  • One-Click Looping for aUSD.
  • Stake your aUSD & AU liquidity pool or vault receipts directly on Aurelius.
  • The launch of a staked aUSD vault & relic.
  • An Aurelius bonding program in association with Bond protocol.
  • And much more…

*These markets may launch with a cap during testing and initial launch but the end state will be uncapped.

This is your final call to arms.