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Salt: The Dawn of Aurelius’ Conquest


Welcome, legionnaires of Aurelius! We stand on the precipice of a new era in DeFi. Aurelius is proud to unveil the Aurelius Points Program, aptly named Aurelius’ Conquest.

Aurelius was designed to bring the light of civilization to Mantle. Toward this end, we are raising an army in preparation for the launch of our token, $AU. Let’s march forward into the heart of Aurelius’ Conquest and discover how you can earn your Salt (points) and secure your rank within our expanding civilization.

Earn Your Salt, Secure Your Rank

Did you know Roman soldiers used to be paid in salt? Well, so will Aurelius users for a little while. Before we establish our supply lines and mint the first $AU currency, we will test every user’s strength by giving you 90 days to earn your Salt. 

Every action you take will contribute to your standing in our ranks, from referring your friends to engaging in more complex DeFi operations like lending, borrowing, and providing liquidity. Here’s how you can accumulate Salt:

Understand the Conquest points system to maximize your participation and Salt rewards.

How to Earn Salt

Flat Distribution: Every user will receive a consistent number of Salt, regardless of the amount of money they spend or the actions they take within a 24-hour period. This ensures a level playing field for all participants, promoting inclusivity across the Aurelius platform.

Salt per $100 per 24 hours: Participants earn Salt based on their activity over ninety 24-hour periods. For every $100 in a position, a predetermined number of Salts are awarded every 24 hours.


Referring, borrowing and lending will begin earning Salt from Wednesday 6th of March.


20% of referred’s Salt, every 24 hours: When you refer a friend to Aurelius, you will receive 20% of the Salt they earn on actions performed within the Aurelius app: lending, borrowing and depositing in the Stability Pool. Your referral bonus will not affect your comrade’s Salt total. Help expand our legion and be rewarded.

Example: If your friend earns 1000 Salt through their lending, borrowing and Stability pool deposits in the first 24 hours while using your referral URL on the platform, you would receive 200 Salt as a referral bonus for that 24-hour period (20% of 1000 Salt). If they lend, borrow, and deposit more to earn 1500 Salt the following day, you would receive 300 (20% of 1500) Salt in the second 24-hour period.


8 Salt per $100 borrowed, every 24 hours: Borrowing funds entails earning 8 Salt for every $100 borrowed, every 24 hours. Your efforts will stimulate activity and liquidity on the platform.

Example: If you borrow $400 in a 24-hour period, you earn 32 Salt for that period based on the reward rate of 8 Salt per $100 borrowed ($400 / $100 = 4, 4 * 8 Salt = 32 Salt).


2 Salt per $100, every 24 hours: Lending on Aurelius rewards users with 2 Salt for every $100 lent, every 24 hours. Provide capital for other users to borrow, and help foster a vibrant lending and borrowing market.

Example: If you were to lend $500 on the platform, with a reward rate of 2 Salt per $100, you would earn 10 Salt for your lending activity in that 24-hour period ($500 / $100 = 5, 5 * 2 Salt = 10 Salt).

Deposit in Stability Pool

*Limited Time* 30 Salt per $100 deposited every 24 hours: Users contributing to the stability pool will earn 30 Salt for every $100 deposited within a 24-hour period (up from 20 Salt). Everyone benefits from the increased liquidity and stability to the platform.

Example: If you deposit $1000 in the Stability Pool, you will be awarded 30 Salt per $100, therefore you would earn 300 Salt for that day ($1000 / $100 = 10, 10 * 30 Salt = 300 Salt).

Lock veCleo

1000 Salt for each 100 USDC of CLEO Max Locked: You earn 1 Salt for each 0.10 USDC of CLEO locked. Therefore, 10 Salt equals $1, 100 Salt equals $10, and 1000 Salt equals $100.

Eligibility: Only veCLEO created on or after March 20th qualifies.

Additional Constributions: You can add more CLEO to your holdings if your veCLEO was created on or after March 20th.

Merging veCLEO: You can merge your new veCLEO holdings any time after March 20. To add to your veCLEO created before March 20th, you must start with a new veCLEO.

20 Salt per $100, every 24 hours: Salt distributions are calculated every 6 hours, based on the USDC value at the time of the script completion.

Example: Head over to Cleo Exchange, connect your wallet and lock your CLEO for the maximum amount of time. If you max locked $500 of CLEO, you would receive 5000 Salt.

LP cAMM USDC <> aUSD on Cleo

20 Salt per $100, every 24 hours: Providing liquidity to the cAMM-USDC <> aUSD pair rewards users with 20 Salt for every $100 of liquidity provided over a 24-hour period. This encourages the maintenance of a healthy and liquid exchange environment for these stablecoins, facilitating efficient trades and transactions.

Example: If you provide $1000 of liquidity to the cAMM-USDC <> aUSD liquidity pool, with a reward of 20 Salt per $100, you would earn 200 Salt for your contribution in that 24-hour period ($1000 / $100 = 10, 10 * 20 Salt = 200 Salt).

Head over to Cleo Exchange where you can swap for aUSD and provide liquidity.

Recently Added: LP cAMM USDC <> aUSD on Circuit

20 Salt per $100, every 24 hours: Depositing in the USDC <> aUSD vault on Circuit Protocol rewards users with 20 Salt for every $100 of liquidity provided over a 24-hour period. Here’s how you can auto-compound your aUSD/USDC Cleo LP holdings with Circuit:

  1. Create your Liquidity Tokens: Head to Cleo Exchange and create your LP tokens for the cAMM-USDC/aUSD Legacy-Correlated pool, but exit out of their transaction prompts, before staking on Cleo.
  2. Deposit into the Circuit Vault: Exit the transaction once the LP token has been created (before staking) and deposit your LP token into the Circuit Protocol Vault
  3. Earn your Salt: Watch your Salt earnings grow as you auto-compound your Cleo LP holdings with Circuit Protocol.

For more detailed instructions, check out the Circuit Documentation.

Example: If you provide $1000 of liquidity to the USDC <> aUSD Vault on Circuit, with a reward of 20 Salt per $100, you would earn 200 Salt for your contribution in that 24-hour period ($1000 / $100 = 10, 10 * 20 Salt = 200 Salt).

Participation in Aurelius' Conquest rewards users with Salt; securing their rewards via $AU airdrop.

The $AU Airdrop: Rewarding the Legion

Once the dust settles after a hard-fought 90 days of conquest, our ranks will be established and the initial supply of $AU will be distributed among participants, amounting to 5% of the total supply. This distribution will be vested over six months, to ensure mercenary dumpers don’t disrupt the system. Your participation and dedication to Aurelius’ Conquest will directly influence your share in the future of our civilization.

The Pillars of Aurelius’ Conquest

Fostering the Virtue of Engagement: Aurelius’ Conquest is our battle cry for active participation. Engage with the platform, and let every action you take be a step towards greater rewards and recognition.

Rewarding Contribution: Whether financial or intellectual, every contribution to the Aurelius ecosystem is valuable. Our merit-based rewards system ensures that your efforts are recognized and rewarded.

Fostering Community Growth:  Through referrals, we aim to strengthen our legion. Each new member you bring us not only enriches our community but also ensures you are rewarded for contributing to our growth.

Ensuring Fairness and Transparency: Trust is the cornerstone of Aurelius. Our clear and transparent points system guarantees that every legionnaire knows how to earn their salt, ensuring fairness across the board.

Call To Arms

Aurelius’ Conquest is more than just a points program—it’s a call to arms for all who wish to be part of something greater in the DeFi world. As we march towards the launch of $AU, your participation and contributions will not only shape the future of Aurelius but also define your place within our digital empire. Join us, earn your salt, and let us build a civilization that will stand the test of time in the decentralized age.